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  1. you can experiment with the code before purchasing. you're allowed to save it as your pet's profile while you do so. please have fun! however, when you are done playing with it for the day, you must remove it from your pet's profile.
  2. the credit must remain visible (no exceptions)


recursion (the default code)
looker (shows friends instead of stats)
more coming soon

prices + ordering info

ordering is currently restricted and by invite only.

you may pay with USD, CSC, and sP. the USD option is discounted because it is preferred.

these are the prices per pet - not for free use of the code.

the code

reminder: this isn't a free template (sorry!)

I have made this code available here so that you can try out and play with it, to find out if it will suit your needs. please be respectful in return by not using it as your pet's profile without permission. thanks!

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